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In the course of our business, Rock Solid / Rock Solid Group collects and holds personal information such as names, addresses, subscriber numbers and the like, for usage in fulfilling the primary purposes intended. This includes information required to provide customers and others with products and services. Information retained on our database is also used to inform stakeholders and customers of relevant developments which we believe is either necessary or will assist in the use of the product or service we offer. Unless we are informed otherwise, we will continue to use the information collected in this manner. Accuracy of information is important to us and changes or corrections to information held will be welcomed at any time.

Normally we collect information from the persons concerned and they are under no obligation to provide it. However without certain information we may be unable to provide the products and services. All personal information is stored in-house.
Rock Solid / Rock Solid Group takes all reasonable steps to protect the security of the personal information held, be it stored in electronic or hard copy form.