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Keyhole & Pothole Technology

Keyhole Inspection System (KIS)

Gas Technology Institute (GTI) is the leading research, development and training organization serving energy markets in the USA.

GTI undertook a global assessment of all Non-Destructive techniques, selecting Rock Solid Group's patented BEM technology ahead of all others to inspect pipeline systems.

The KIS allows for direct assessment of the full circumference of the pipe through keyholes of 12" diameter and larger, maximising the budget available for scanning.  More...see 'Info Sheets'  click here, or to read an article on the GTI website link click here.

Crown Assessment Probe (CAP)

Get your CAP on and the sewer is saved!

Is your sewer a pressure pipe or a rising main?  If so, then the likelihood is that corrsosion on this network is occurring internally at the crown due to acid attack!

The CAP has been specially developed to tackle this issue.

All that you need to do is to excavate a pothole down to the pipe
crown, allowing the lowering of the CAP tool on top of the pipe
for remote scanning.  No manned access is required. The pipe
can remain in operation.