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Broadband Electro-Magnetics (BEM) techniques


Broadband Electro-Magnetic (BEM) technology has been used for inspection and condition assessment of ferrous pipes for over two decades.

Ferrous pipelines, as well as other ferrous engineering structures such as elbows, joints, valves, tanks and tunnel linings, are by their character magnetic and ideal for inspection and condition assessment by BEM.  Commonly used in industries such as;

- water, sewer, gas, oil, nuclear, petrochemical, manufacturing and transport.

Ferrous pipes come in all sizes from small to very large diameters of varying wall thickness. By far the most commonly used ferrous pipes are;

- carbon or mild steel, cast iron, ductile iron and wrought iron.

Post-Survey Data Processing, Analysis & Plotting

- data captured for real-time display can be post-survey processed
- real-time plot in percentage = Post-survey plot in wall thickness
- post-survey processing available anywhere on-line
- global support available
- cost effective
- secure data transfer.