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What's in an Acronym?

WIP, BEM, WAP, CAP, KIS, RAT, GIG, GAP, PIG, EIS, FEU...little words, easy to say and simple to use, with masses of technology behind them.

As owner and developer of the patented Broadband Electro-Magnetic (BEM) and Wave Impedance (WIP) techniques, Rock Solid Group enhances these systems continuously. It is able to configure the technologies to suit specific tasks, like;

- assessments of asbestos cement pipelines
- brick tunnel walls, &
- deep embedment conditions

Different equipment configurations also allow for both manned or remotely operated inspection systems. The delivery vehicles can range from 10s of mm’s to many metres in diameter and can successfully operate in air or submersed below water.

Rock Solid Group retains an on-going Research team comprising of a range of technical experts in their own fields, supported by tertiary institutions