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Case Studies

One Smart PIG!

New Jersey (2011) - One Smart PIG - Smarter People.

One week ~1200' scanned! This buried pipeline was a 30” MSCL service water pipe. 100% coverage was achieved when the PIG (Pipeline Inspection Gauge)  obtained a reading every 2” square. The smart PIG manoeuvred internally through 90 degree elbows and rises and through cement lining after the pipe was dewatered.

The elbows were scanned with a smaller antenna using the HSK method.  Both the PIG and HSK were enabled by RSG’s patented Broadband Electro-Magnetic (BEM) technology.

'Usiflex' Covered

Wisconsin USA (2010/11) – 300' scanned in 1 week! The pipelines were 24” & 30” DICL containing Usiflex joints (see diagram on right). The buried pipeline conveyed wastewater and progressed under a river, and this pipe was scanned internally through the cement lining after dewatering of the pipe. 
The 'bell' of the Usiflex joints we also scanned.

Rock Solid Group (RSG) conducted a non-destructive condition
assessment using RSG’s patented Broadband Electro-Magnetic
(BEM) technology using the Hand Scanning Kit (HSK) tool.