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Scan faster and more accurately. Any diameter pipe.
BEM™ - Broadband Electro-Magnetics Applications and Results, Benefits, Services and Data Capture. Two page A4 colour brochure.
Extracted Feature Article from Water Research Foundation USA
Detect corrosion scanning externally along the crown of a buried pipe without the need for manned access. Minimal excavation required. Able to scan through thick linings. Scans through full wall to detect wall thickness and corrosion.
Pruebas No Destructivas. BEM. Desarrollado y construido por RSG, el escáner manual (Hand Scanning Kit HSK) utiliza la tecnología patenta-da de banda ancha (Broadband Electro-Magnetic BEM) para evaluar el estado de estructuras ferrosas.
Wall Assessment Probe pinpoints corrosion in tanks and tunnels without the need to empty the tank, or obtain access behind the lining. No coating removal. Full wall assessment for thickness and corrosion.
Rivet Assessment tool. Tests the integrity of rivets in pipework or other ferrous structure.
The Rivet Assessment Tool is suitable for inspection of large steel rivets used for the joining of wrought iron and steel structures such as tanks, bridges and pipelines
The Keyhole Inspection System (KIS) tool assesses internal and external corrosion along the full circumference of a pipe without the need for manned access.
Device description and application of latest keyhole tool in LA, USA - June 2013
Ground Assessment Probe. Surface application for geological profiles, voids and buried artefact identificaion
When the pipe needs to be assessed 100% and can be taken our of service, there is a suitable PIG available. Scan upwards of 6", navigate diameter reductions and ight bends up to 90 degrees.
Where BEM comes from and how it differs from other technologies like UT, which is not technically a NDT tool...
Electromagnétisme à large bande BEM (Broadband Electro-Magnetics en anglais d’où l’acronyme BEM). Le kit de lecture manuel HSK utilise l'électromagnétisme à large bande BEM pour évaluer l'état des structures ferreuses.
Czech Language version of BEM 2p A4 brochure