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Ground Profiling & Void Detction Services

Ground Profiling & Void Detection Surveys

Whilst the structure itself may have no reason to fail, it can often be what surrounds the structure that makes the difference.

Where there is a void or deconsolidated soil behind the wall, the embedment material may move and settle, undermining the structure over time.

Clients seeking specific and/or unique methods to gain valuable information about target location or asset evaluation, are assured of innovative applications providing effective survey results. Some examples of RSG's comprehensive list of services include:

- assessment of dam walls and slope stability
- location of underground services
- detection of subsurface features such as voiding and deconsolidation
- contour mapping or landfills
- asset condition evaluation
- location of grave sites
- water table detection
- compaction/bedding evaluation
- scum and sludge layer monitoring for the water industry.