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Case Studies

Collapse Predictions!

Potential collapse of roads, buildings and bridges is more common than you might think. Often a result of naturally occurring karst formations (eg. limestone caves) or man induced pseudo-karsts (eg. pipeline infiltration), if these conditions go undetected, the ground can literally open up and swallow you whole!  A combination of Geophysical techniques along with the patented Wave Impedence (WIP) have helped locate & identify potential problems for many clients globally.

High Speed Rail

Building a high speed railway track above a sewer line that services a city with a population of around 500,000 is an engineering feat in itself! To place the piers that support that railway without compromising the sewer below is a critical problem to solve.

Initially the client went with a local contractor who said they could deliver accurate results and didn't. Daily construction delays resulted in of $000,000's lost. They asked RSG to come back. The issue was solved in a few hours.

Diver Probe 30metres+

$Millions costs for repairs of water pumps lead the client to deter-
mine that damage to the system resulted from ingress of sands
and gravels from pipeline imbedments 30m+ below the surface.
Application of the patented Wave Impedence (WIP) technology
configured to operate remotely at great depths allowed for the
mapping and identification of the deconsolidated zones.