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Underwater, Underground, Under Slab

Finding the Hidden

Redevelopment of land often brings along an uncertainty of what was buried on site years before.

The buried items need not be environmentally hazardous, but may pose difficulties for new construction.

Rock Solid Group offers a range of non-invasive geophysical techniques for locating both magnetic and non-magnetic buried artefacts.

Surveys can be undertaken from the surface or from tunnels or drains running through the area of interest.

Solving the Case

Non-Destructive Testing and micro-geophysics can be successfully applied to identify buried objects and victims of crime.

Rock Solid Group has successfully assisted detectives in finding murder victims buried below concrete structures and slabs.

Location of buried objects, weapons, stolen goods or treasures can
be completed using non-invasive and non-destructive techniques,
having little or  no impact on building structures involved, saving
time and money.

Identification of buried objects need not be related to criminal activity,
but can form part of an archaelogical study where digging and invasive
measures could prove detrimental.