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Brick & Concrete Surveys

Through different techniques, Rock Solid Group can show their clients what their brick and concrete structures consist of. 

This will allow for accurate structural evaluation for the long term performance of the infrastructure.   These structures can be sewerage pipes, water pipes, or even train tunnels for example.

Brick & Concrete Thickness

The ability to now determine the thickness of your concrete or the number of layers of brickwork is here!

Rock Solid Group is able to determine the thickness of concrete and brick structures with the aid of the patented Wave Impedence (WIP) technology.

A range of suitable antennae is available dependent upon the anticipated thicknesses of the walls.

There is no need for any surface preparation. The antennae scan directly through the surface.

Other suitable Geophysical techniques such as Ground Penetrating
Radar (GPR) or shallow seismics can be used to enhance and
supplement the Wave Impedence (WIP) technology.